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Illas Cies Cycling Team

If you want to ride fast, go alone.
If you want to ride far, go together 🔥

Clubs & Teams are places to meet people with the same passion and to share interesting experiences. A place where you can take great pride in wearing a shirt with your team's name on it.

Over 10 years ago, with the desire of being part of that team spirit, we started designing and crafting custom sportswear for local and international clubs, professionals and amateurs. Today, with over 100 clubs & teams worldwide, we keep our promise by designing garments that offer the best performance while being sustainable.

We're really proud to share with you that feeling of team spirit through the Illas Cies Cycling Team - a super cool cycling team from Spain:

The Illas Cíes Cycling Team is a cycling club from Galicia, a region of Northwest Spain. Formed 5 years ago by a group of friends who met through other activities and clubs, some of who have been friends for over 30 years.

As a result of this friendship and this passion for practising this beautiful and self-sacrificing sport, we were encouraged to set up our own club. A non-profit sports association, linked to the Ría de Vigo where we were born and which gives us our logo and our name ("Illas Cíes", the famous islands that make our city and estuary famous).

We currently participate in events in the Master (Senior) and Cyclotourist categories, and among our ranks, we have the Spanish champion in the senior cyclocross category.

But beyond the tests and competition, being able to enjoy cycling and share training sessions is what unites and guides us in our club. Having a healthy hobby which demands certain sacrifices but more than rewards us for all the physical and emotional well-being that it brings us.

We are also very honoured to have our teammate Fran Araújo in our club, who has taken the team's colours to all continents, taking advantage of his professional trips, and is now our official representative in Vietnam.

Made locally, worn globally 🌎

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