3D/3-Layer MASK

Sports friendly reusable masks for all the family

3D Mask – Perfect sealing

Reusable, machine and hand wash

Recycled fabric layer

5 sizes available from 1 year old to adult

Non-woven microfilter

Customizable masks for orders over 50 units

2 layers Anti Bacterial Fabric

In-house design

Breathability optimized for sports practice

Size Guide

How do I choose my mask size?

We have available five sizes of masks to fit all family members (XS, S, M, L and XL).

  • – XS: 1 to 3 years old
  • – S: 4 to 8 years old 
  • – M: Teenagers and young adults
  • – L: Adults
  • – XL: For larger faces


Can I order custom masks?

If the order is above 50 units, you can customize your own masks.

Farbric Specifications

We want to emphasize that despite being masks with excellent sealing and good filtration levels, they are not masks for medical use. We commit to use the best materials available and the application of proper treatments to improve their features.

Recycled Material

We use fabrics made from recycled material. Enclosed certification from Global Recycled Standard proving that the yarn used to make this fabric is of recycled origin.

Antibacterial Treatment

We treat all fabrics with an antibacterial treatment. It is a procedure that introduces silver nanoparticles into the structure of the tissue. This treatment reduces the growth of bacteria inside the fabric. The lab test underneath shows that we reduce by 99.9% the growth of ESCHERICIA COLI and STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS, as well as non-content of any heavy metal particles.

No harmful susbstances

We don’t use any chemicals that may be harmful to health. All products and materials used in the manufacture of fabrics comply with international safety regulations for people. Enclosed the results of lab test showing that No harmful substances are detected in the fabrics used to produce our masks.

High Risk Environment

As said several times, these are not masks for medical use. If used in a high risk environment, we recommend to use an additional filter layer. We suggest to use a surgical mask that meets the homologation standards for these environments and place ours on top.
This superposition improves the sealing of disposable masks, increases the filtering level and therefore improves protection.
By wearing our reusable masks most of the time, we reduce the consumption of single use masks as we only utilize them for specific high risk environments.

Quality Recycled Masks

Quality & Health

Our RECYCLED fabrics have the exact same properties as traditional Polyester fabrics. Same physical attributes, same color fastness and free of harmful substances. We are committed to it and an international independent lab like Intertek proves it.

Reliable Sources

In order to guarantee quality, health and to ensure that our RECYCLED fabrics are made according to international recycle standards, we only work with GRS certified suppliers who provide a certification for each lot of yarn provided.

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