Ha Thi Hau

Born and raised in Sapa, a beautiful town in the north of Vietnam, I was fortunate enough to exercise in the cold mountainous climate. Running up steep slopes, and crossing familiar hills have helped me to develop excellent endurance. Running makes me feel youthful and energetic, with a healthy body and a relaxed mind. As a brand ambassador of MUDE, I am proud to wear high-quality sportswear made by Vietnamese hands and to compete in international events.

  • 1st Place Women’s Category 112km by Dalat Ultra Trail 2024
  • 4th Place Women’s Category 100K by UTMB Mont Blanc 2023 – CCC
  • 1st Woman and 5th overall Ultra-Trail Australia By UTMB 2023
  • 28th of the 31km Sierre Zinal 2023
  • Champion of the 100K Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2022
  • Champion of the 70K Lam Dong Trail 2022
  • Champion of 75K Asia Trail Master 2022
  • Champion of 55K Thailand by UTMB 2022

Tu Do

I am NGUYEN DUC TUAN ANH (nickname Tú Dồ). I was born and raised in Lam Dong, a picturesque land with a gentle climate that captivates many hearts. However, currently, I reside and work in Hanoi, where I have the opportunity to engage with vibrant friends. Since 2019, we have been motivating each other to train and participate in races, marking a memorable five-year journey. Running, for me now, is not merely a leisure pursuit to alleviate stress as before, but a lifestyle that helps me cultivate both mental and physical strength, and even fosters connections with the friends around me. In my role as a brand ambassador for MUDE, we bring forth new promises, conquer challenges, provide fresh experiences, all while steadfastly adhering to the principle of “recycling, environmental protection.”

Here are some of my minor accomplishments:

  • Champion of Mau Son Path 42km in 2024
  • Third place in Dalat Ultra Trail 75km in 2024
  • Champion of VJM 50km in 2022, 2023
  • Second place in VTM 70km in 2023, 2024
  • Third place in VMM 70km in 2023
  • Champion of Cuc Phuong Jungle Path 70km in 2023
  • Champion of Ultra Trail Cao Bang 120km in 2023

Loi Luong

My name is Luong Thi Loi, born and raised in Khanh Hoa, and currently working in Ho Chi Minh City as an office employee with a burning passion for running. My childhood was spent in the countryside, walking and biking to school, and helping my family with various chores. Growing up, I harbored dreams of venturing far from home to establish myself and develop personally, much like many of my peers.

My introduction to trail running was a stroke of luck when I participated in the Dalat Ultra Trail for the first time and secured the third prize in the 45km category in March 2022. From that small joy, I continued to train and conquer other trail races both domestically and internationally.

Presently, like many of my running buddies, I make the most of my time after work and on weekends to train and prepare for future goals. Running not only contributes to my physical well-being but also instills in me confidence, vitality, optimism, and a zest for life. Above all, it fosters meaningful friendships and a vibrant, positive community that makes life all the more colorful and enjoyable.

Fate led me to MUDE, a quality sports brand with an environmentally friendly ethos crafted by the hands of Vietnamese people. In my efforts and endeavors for the journeys ahead, I take pride in being accompanied by MUDE and being a member of the MUDE Trail Running Team.

Some of my achievements include:

  • Second place in the women’s category of DLUT 2024 (75km)
  • Second place in the women’s category of VTM 2023 (70km)
  • Third place in the women’s category of DLUT 2023 (85km)
  • Third place in the women’s category of VMM 2023 (100km)
  • Champion in the women’s category of Lam Dong Trail 2023 (75km)
  • Sixth place in the age group of Doi Inthanon by UTMB 2023 (100km)
  • Third place in the women’s category of DLUT 2022 (45km)
  • Third place in the women’s category of VMM 2022 (70km)
  • Third place in the women’s category of Lam Dong Trail 2022 (70km)
  • Second place in the women’s category of La An Ultra Trail 2022 (75km)

Akane Nemoto

I am Akane Nemoto from Japan, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2016, I began running to improve my physical condition and rediscovered my passion for it from my childhood. By becoming a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Running Club in Vietnam, I came to understand that running is more than just a form of exercise; it fosters a sense of community and enables me to connect with individuals from various backgrounds. Over the past three years, I have wholeheartedly embraced running, not only for its physical benefits but also for the joy, stress relief, and connection to nature that it brings me.


  • Vietnam Trail Marathon 70KM: Female 3rd


  • Dalat Ultra Trail Marathon 85KM: Age category 2nd
  • Cameron Ultra 100KM: Female 2nd
  • Vietnam Mountain Marathon 70KM: Female 1st
  • Asia Trail Master Final 80KM: Female 6th


  • Dalat Ultra Trail Marathon 45KM: Female 1st
  • Vietnam Trail Marathon 70KM: Female 3rd
  • Lam Dong Trail Marathon 45KM: Female 1st
  • Vung Tau City Trail Marathon 30KM: Female1st


My name is Uyen, and I’ve been into running for about 4 years now. It was a time when I sought a sport that I could practice independently, without relying on others, and with the flexibility of time and location. I’ve tried running on roads and trails, and the thrill of trail running captivated me more than anything else: I could run fast, I could run slow, and I could immerse myself in the mountainous air and scenic beauty along the trails.


  • 3rd place in the women’s category at Dalat Ultra Trail, competing in the 25km race.

In 2023, my achievements include:

  • 48th place in the women’s category at Doi Inthanon by UTMB 2023, competing in the 100km race.
  • First place in the women’s category at Lam Dong Trail 2023, completing the 50km race.
  • 4th place in the women’s category at Ultra-Trail Chiangmai 2022 and 2023, finishing the 50km race.
  • 15th place in the women’s category at Dalat Ultra Trail 2023, covering the 100km distance.

In 2022, I achieved:

  • 7th place in the women’s category and 42nd overall at Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2022, completing the 70km race.
  • 7th place in the women’s category and 39th overall at Vietnam Trail Marathon 2022, finishing the 70km race.

Phuc Tran

My name is Phuc, and I began running in 2019 with a simple goal in mind: to lose weight. However, the more I ran, the deeper it became a passion for me. Especially, I found myself drawn to trail running because I could breathe in the fresh air and run atop hills, enjoying panoramic views of the surroundings. More than that, I actively strive to achieve my set goals, putting in more effort in training and races, gradually making it a habit in my daily life.


  • 5th place overall at Dalat Ultra Trail 2024, competing in the 55km race

In 2023, my achievements include:

  • 42nd place in the men’s category and 52nd overall at Doi Inthanon by UTMB 2023, competing in the 100km race.
  • 13th place in the men’s category and 17th overall at Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2023, completing the 100km race.
  • 4th place at Ultra-Trail Chiangmai 2022 and 2023 in the 65km category.
  • 104th place in the men’s category and 118th overall at Dalat Ultra Trail 2023, finishing the 100km race.

In 2022, my accomplishments include:

  • 22nd place in the men’s category and 24th overall at Vietnam Jungle Marathon 2022, completing the 70km race.
  • 9th place in the men’s category and 11th overall at Ultimate Trails of Penang Eco 2022, finishing the 50km race.

In 2020, I achieved:

  • 43rd place in the men’s category and 49th overall at Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2020, completing the 42km race.

Santiago Sanchez

My name is Santiago Sánchez, I am from a small town in Cuenca (Spain). I’ve a BS degree in physical education, I’m personal trainer and passionate about Mountain sports. I was running and competing in MTB for 5 years and as a result of Covid I started running and discovered Trail Running.

During these 3 years I have been able to travel with the excuse of racing, discovering corners of the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, the middle peninsula and the Alps. I love competing, enjoying and sharing moments in the mountains with colleagues

  • 1st Overall Maratón 3DiasIbizaTrail 2023
  • 1st Age Group / 3rd Overall Gran Trail Sobrarbe 2023
  • 3rd Overall Maratón UltraFormentera 2023
  • 1st Age Group 75kms UltraFormentera 2022

Javier Sarda

My adventures as a cyclist began many years ago in the city where I was born, Zamora, in the west of Spain. Cycling was a tradition in my family. It started with my grandfather and my uncle. Years later my older brother joined and seeing him every day encouraged me.I started competing when I was only 6 years old in the lowest category that existed. In 2016, the chance arose to try my luck in Asia, specifically Japan, after lacking opportunities and motivation. It was a complicated year but full of learning and growth which opened other doors for me. The following year I would have the opportunity to travel and compete for the first time in Vietnam. In my first competition, VTV Cup, I got the queen stage and 2nd place in the general classification. This result was the beginning of my adventure as a cyclist in Vietnam, which continues to this day. Throughout these years I have successfully won at least one stage in all the competitions held in Vietnam. In addition to getting 5 general classifications, highlighting 2 generals in the most important race in Vietnam, the HTV Cup.

Khoa Vo

When I was 6 years old, an illness left me completely paralysed in both legs after treatment. The doctor advised me to practice swimming for physical support. After months of hard training, swimming not only helped me restore movement to my spine and one leg but also helped me find my passion. I want to stick with this sport for the rest of my life. Swimming to me is like destiny, helping me to escape the scythe of death and find joy in life. Currently, I am a coach at Yet Kieu swimming pool. In my free time, I teach swimming to children with both physical and mental disabilities. This is my way of giving back in life.

• Champion of 6 Para Games

• 20 years of national championship

• Asian Bronze Medal (2022)

Romeo Perthuis

I am a French triathlete that has been living in Thailand for 8 years. I have been doing triathlons since I was 12 however I started swimming a year before. Since then I have participated in multiple triathlons, aquathlons, duathlon running races and swimming competitions. However, the ones that stand out most when I look back are the triathlon and aquathlon French nationals in which I participated 2 years in a row.
Additionally, division 2 racing with my club in France really stood out due to the high level of competition. Over the next few years, I hope to improve and get a better ranking in the nationals and race as much as possible in division 1 now that my club has moved up.

Michael Cassinides

I’m an Australian triathlete living in Singapore. I’ve been doing triathlons for around 5 years now, and have recently gone into the 70.3 distance in 2022. I really enjoy the sport as you learn something new every day and need to keep on top of 3 sports which is a great and rewarding challenge. My main takings from triathlons are what you put out consistently in your training is what you’ll get back in your race results!

Best Triathlon Achievement: 

  • 3rd place Ironman Danang 2023 
  • 1st place overall Ironman 70.3 Vietnam 2022

Joan Pedret

I am a Spanish triathlete and former rower. I began rowing early on in my hometown and have won several national titles in that sport. Over time through tracking my performance, I discovered my potential in endurance sports like triathlons and decided to make the switch. Some of my most remarkable results have been in this discipline.

  • 1st overall at DIT Dubai International triathlon olimpic distance
  • 2nd AG at ITU WORLD TRIATHLON SERIES and 2 times 4th AG
  • 2nd overall at DOHA triathlon ( 2 times ) and 1 time 4th overall
  • 3rd overall at international half distance triathlon  Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)
  • 1st overall at Salinas – Bani olympic distance triathlon (Dominican Republic))
  • 3rd AG IRONMAN 70.3 Colombo – Sri Lanka
  • 4rth AG IRONMAN 70.3 Cebú – Philiphines
  • 1st overall (3 times ) at Katara aquathlon (Doha)
  • 1st overall at Hatta aquathlon (United Arab Emiirates)
  • 3rd overal at  Jubail triathlon (Saudi Arabia)
  • 1st AG at Al hudayrat triathlon – Abu Dhabi (3 times)
  • 1st AG at The Pearl triathlon – Doha (2 times)
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