"Mantra Summit Challenge is more of a challenge than a competitive tournament"

Entering the Mantra Summits Challenge for the first time, what did you hope to achieve by signing up to the most challenging race in the region?

It's an extremely difficult race, so when registering I just hoped to finish as safely as possible, and admire the majestic beauty of Java Indonesia.

During the 25 hours of facing the cold, heavy rain, slippery roads… was there a moment when you briefly thought about DNF?

During those 25 hours, I never intended to give up. For me, the Mantra Summit Challenge is more of a challenge than a competitive tournament. So from the beginning my biggest goal was to complete this challenge.

Do you think this is more of a challenge than a regular race? How does it feel to not only pass the challenge but also win the race?

Actually, with my current ability, to complete the Mantra Summit Challenge is very difficult. So my only goal was to complete it safely. I think that with such difficult challenges, anyone who completes them is a winner. 

It is known that you participated in the Spartathlon 246km race in Greece and this time the Mantra Summits Challenge 116km in Indonesia. Can you share some experiences when competing in a running race abroad?

When competing abroad in a place that I'm not familiar with, there will be a little disadvantage in terms of weather, terrain, food, etc., so in important races, I usually take the time to arrive at least a few days in advance. In order to get used to everything here. Another very important thing is that we need time for our bodies to get used to the new time zones when we have to travel to places as far away as Europe or the US.

A funny question; people call you a "mutant" in the running village, what do you think about this "nickname"?

I don’t think I’m a mutant, what I do is normal!

Thank you, we wish you health and happiness. Keep up the good form and inspire those who are passionate about this sport!