“We stand-up for everything we make. We ensure the durability and performance of our designs.
Still, the best way to reduce our impact on the planet is to get more use out of the materials we already own.”


If you have any MUDE piece which is in need of a repair please send to shop@mude-sports.com the following information: 

  • Clear pictures of the damaged area. 
  • Phone number, complete name and location.

Once we have received the above information, we will evaluate if the item is possible to repair. If so, we will send you via phone or email, all the information to proceed and a quotation.

Repairs can take up to 15 days and we will inform you once the repairing work is done. 


  • Our repair service is not free of charge.  
  • A quote will be sent once the damage is evaluated by our seamstress.
  • The shipping costs are at customer’s expense.

Increasing MUDE’s lifetime products and decreasing the environmental footprint

MUDE’s repair service comes in alignment with our sustainability statement and the UN Development Goals to help preserving our planet and make a better life for all by actively encouraging a responsible consumption of MUDE garments to make the garments last longer.

Read more about our Sustainability Statement towards a greener future.