sustainable performance

At MUDE, we are dedicated to making a difference not only in the world of sport but also to the planet. Since 2016, MUDE’s mission has been to provide bespoke high-performance sports garments whilst enhancing the quality of life of everyone involved in the process. Our mission must align with our core values:



We are focused on IMPROVING the performance of every single athlete; from professionals to all those who are passionate about sports. In particular triathlon, cycling, running, fitness and swimming. MUDE is proud to sponsor and support some of the best Vietnamese athletes.


With 4 generations of textile expertise in Spain and a BA in textile engineering, MUDE founders lead a young and energetic team of enthusiastic professionals that works alongside top Vietnamese professional athletes of each discipline to design, test and improve our products.

Our process has been carefully crafted. We take no shortcuts and believe every step is crucial to achieving perfection. We start with an idea that is designed, tested, improved, and tested again until we have something that we are proud to call MUDE. We understand that the smallest improvement can make the biggest difference. This is what drives us to look continuously for innovative ways to better our products.


MUDE has a responsibility to create a change in the way the garment industry operates. We are committed to becoming an environmental leader that inspires others to think and produce more sustainably. 

By adjusting our production to on-demand, we do not generate any unnecessary stocks. The development and use of recycled polyester fabrics have minimized the harmful impact we have on the environment.



At MUDE we believe in equality for all. We show everyone the same level of respect and admiration and our salaries are based on performance and skill, not gender. 

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